For individuals, families and communities to live healthy lives, be financially empowered, socially connected and have access to universal basic services.




To break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage in our communities by delivering education, empowerment and support programs. Providing individual and systems advocacy on behalf of our clients to challenge the structural inequalities that exist within society.



At BFFS we think outside the box and are not afraid to be creative in our approach. Through providing innovative programs and individually tailored approaches, we support people experiencing economic disadvantage to become financially literate, resilient and independent. We treat everyone with unconditional positive regard and support them to address any other presenting issues before we start their journey around finances and debt. We believe that through financial and educational counselling, our clients are supported to develop skills to empower and support them to achieve their goals.


What’s in a name?

Family means different things to different people. “Family” can be much broader than a biological or nuclear family unit.

A family can be the communities in which we live, participate in, or identify with. This includes; online, social goups, sporting, church, school and work communities.

Some people have their families of choice and others experience a sense of family by being understood and connected to others. We deliberately included the word “family” in our name so that we would be seen as providing more than financial assistance and support, but also social welfare support services.

While Shepparton Family and Financial services and Bendigo Family and Financial Services are one organisation – we felt that it was important for each agency to contain its geographical name in order to demonstrate our commitment to both regional communities and taking into account that Bendigo and Shepparton are unique communities.